The Bistro and Bistro Garden in Beverly Hills were THE celebrity restaurants from the 1960’s through the mid-1990’s.

Now, that legacy carries over to the Bistro Garden at Coldwater and to the Bistro Garden Catering & Banquet Division.

The Bistro Garden offers a wide range of facilities for parties, from the simple to the extraordinary. The private Fireside Room can accommodate smaller events for up to 72 people, or it can open up to the dining room, creating a space large enough for up to 250 people. Arrangements can also be made for off site parties and events.

Past celebrations range from weddings, premiere and wrap parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthdays and anniversaries, to corporate holiday events and non-profit fundraisers.

Bistro Garden Catering Clients range from the Giants of Industry to the Mom and Pop Business Owners. We will provide on or off site catering from 20 to 250 people.

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The Bistro Garden is located at 12950 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. For more information about hosting a private party at the restaurant or at another site, please contact Greg Pappas at (818) 501-0202.